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At Technical Services we offer convenient, stress-free preventive maintenance contracts for your HVAC and refrigeration equipment.

Call us to set up a contract and schedule for both pre-owned as well as new equipment that we can install for you. We have a smart maintenance plans that will keep you operating efficiently so you can focus on what you do best.



  • Air filters changed on HVAC units.
  • Return grills inspected.
  • Evaporator coils inspected, cleaned annually as needed. (Spring)
  • Condensate drains inspected and cleaned as necessary.
  • Belts and drives inspected and adjusted as necessary. (Replace belts once per year)
  • Condenser coils cleaned annually as needed. (spring)
  • Lubricate all motors and bearings per manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Operating and safety controls inspected, tested and adjusted as needed.
  • Refrigerant line pressures inspected.
  • Crankcase heaters inspected.
  • Electrical contractors and connections inspected and tightened.
  • Economizers and dampers inspected and adjusted as needed.


Condensing and Self-Contained Units

  • Condenser coils cleaned as needed.
  • Inspect refrigerant sight glass and operating pressures.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

  • Motor and compressor amps checked.
  • Heat exchangers inspected prior to winter start up.
  • Burners, valves and ports inspected and cleaned
    as necessary.
  • Panels and covers inspected and secured as needed.
  • Inspect crankcase heaters, operating and safety
  • controls and adjust as needed.
  • Inspect evaporator coils and clean annually.
  • Inspect drains and drain lines, clean as needed.
  • Inspect and adjust defrost heaters, timers and controls.
  • Inspect and adjust gaskets and anti-sweat heaters.
  • Inspect and adjust hinges, closers and latches as needed.
  • Lubricate motors and bearings per manufacturer’s specifications.

Walk-in Freezers and Coolers

  • Follow outline for self-contained units.

Ice Machines

  • Follow outline for self-contained units.
  • Inspect water circuit product plates.

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